Nano & New Growth Engine Industry

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Nano Cluster Project

  • To nurture the Nano Technology (NT) industry cluster by maximizing synergy effect associating with photonics, electronics and digital home appliance industries.
  • To establish NT Cluster Center (2006): 1,200 Pyung (Total Building Area)
    - To support the production based technology from R&D to commercialization and localization of NT and train the specialists
  • To establish the common Nano process and equipment for display industry

Division in Charge : Strategic Industry Division in the Economic Industry Burea

Contact : +82-62-613-3852

Home Appliance Robot Industry

  • Cultivating the next generation driving power industry based on previous infrastructure, including the production technology as the biggest hub of daily home appliance in Korea
  • Constructed home appliance robot center: August 2011
  • Established home appliances relatted equipment (66 types, 167 ea): May 2012
    - For supporting the company (43 types, 46 ea), for education (23 types, 121 ea)
  • Resident companies of home appliance robot center (35 companies including Seohee Information Technology): December 2012
  • Proceed two stages business of supporting companies specializing in home appliance robot: 2012 to 2016
    - Establish home appliance robot commercialization, development of core parts, and infrastructure of various supports

Division in Charge : Auto Industry Division in the Economic Industry Bureau

Contact : +82-62-613-3931

Aerospace Industry

  • To make a related infrastructure according to sudden increases of civil aviation and proceed the technology development (2008 ~2015)
    - Infrastructure Project: To establish the test and technology support center for advanced aerospace industry
    - The project to develop the technology and train the specialists: To make an aerospace innovation cluster

Division in Charge : Strategic Industry Division in the Economic Industry Bureau

Contact : +82-62-613-3852