Cultural Content Industry

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The 21st Century, called the century of culture, is an era in which culture becomes an industry. Gwangju has given birth to many artists like Uijae Huh Baek Ryun and the outstanding traditional singer Im Banguel and has long enjoyed and developed various culture contents as a "culture village." Based on such cultural background, a project of cultivating Gwangju as a culture-centered city in Asia has in progress, and a policy of developing and cultivating high value-added culture contents is also in progress. In addition, public organizations related to culture and arts, including the Korea Creative Content Agency or Korea Culture and Arts Foundation, were relocated into the Bitgaram Innovative City that Gwangju will be of a "model of a culture contents industry city" sometime soon.

Investment Environment and Measures to Support
  • A project to create a cultural hub in Asia within the tradition as an arts village
  • Measures to vitalize the city center through the relocation of the province office: Geumnam-ro Project, Chungjangno Specialized Street
  • Measures to promote global culture and art festivals: Gwangju Biennale, Kimchi Festival, Im Bangul Traditional Music Festival
  • Enhancing the infrastructure of culture and art: expanding opportunities to enjoy performances and the arts culture by building the Biennale Hall, an outside music hall and a gallery
  • Promotion Sectors: Computer-Generated Image production, HD broadcasting and video content and the game industry
  • Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency: Support and nurture the information industry including information technology and culture content
    - Built upon education bases on computer formation image industry and training business on professional manpower
  • Gwangju Contents Industry Support Center : Promotion and development of high value contents industry
  • Gwangju Visual Cultural Center : Promoting and supporting the culture industry including video, characters and design
  • Gwangju Multimedia Technology Center and Digital Video Design Technology Center
Projects in Progress
  • Asia Culture Center (formerly known as Asian Culture Complex) was opened on November 25, 2015
    - Size/Facilities: 120,075㎡ / ACC Culture Exchange, ACC Archive & Research, ACC Creation, ACC Theater, and ACC Children
  • Project to vitalize 3D content media industries (from 2015 to 2019 / 117.5 billion won)
    - Size/Projects: 52,139㎡ / construction of creation content production support center, construction of creation content distribution and exchange center, and 3D creation content experience programs

Division in Charge : Culture Industry Division in the Culture & Tourism Policy

Contact : +82-62-613-2462