Design Industry

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The Design Industry is one of the added-value industries in the future knowledge-based society. Starting in 2005 with the first Design Biennale in the world, Gwangju has moved toward becoming the hub of the design industry by opening the Gwangju Design Center in 2006, taking a key role in design industry.

Investment Environment and Measures for Support
  • Policy support to nurture a regional design hub
    - Playing a role as a base to provide world-class design products to be the Milan of Korea
    - Playing a role in enhancing the competitiveness of the design industry in the Korean southwest and a cooperative system among industry, academia, research and government
  • Building a system for exchanges and cooperation in the international design industry
    - Continuing to hold Gwangju Design Biennale (first held in 2005)
    - Creating a synergy to converge the arts and industry with the Gwangju Biennale
  • Implementing a Design pilot model project to highlight regional products
    -Establishing a system of support systemically, administratively and financially
  • Gwangju Design Center
    - Playing a role as a general design business support center including support of design technological development, utilizing general devices, fostering human resources, providing information and assisting business start-ups
  • Establishing specified devices and systems to connect design with regional industries
    - General devices (architecture and print) producing prototypes of products, studio equipment and an experience hall
  • Participating in the project to improve national environment designs

  • Participating with public design improvement businesses
    - Laying the foundation to create new high added-values by converging technology and design
Projects in Progress

Gwangju Design Biennale: from September to November of odd years, Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall and the entire area of Gwangju

Division in Charge : Science & Industry Division of the Economic Industry Bureau

Contact: +82-62-613-3735