Design Industry

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Investment in Environment and Support Policies
Successful hosting of the 2017 Gwangju Design Biennale
  • Creating an image as a design stronghold in the southwestern part of Korea and hosting an international design exhibition to further foster local design industries
  • Towards hosting of the 2017 Gwangju Design Biennale: popularization with citizens, industrialization contributing to the revitalization of the local economy and globalization including people around the world
  • Period: September 8 to October 23, 2017 (46 days)
  • Theme: "FUTURES"
  • Venue: Gwangju Biennale exhibition halls, Asia Culture Center (ACC) and other places in Gwangju
  • Hosted by / organized by: Gwangju City / Gwangju Design Center
  • Supervised by: Jang Dong-hoon (President of Samsung Art & Design Institute ((SADI))
  • Events- Thematic events: 4th industrial revolution and new futures, value of future design, future vehicles and new energy- International events: Asia design exhibition / international invitation exhibition (joint exhibition with British, Finnish and Chinese counterparts)- Symbolic sculpture: audiovisual sculpture suitable for the theme- Industrialization programs: design fair and design business festival- Special programs: Gwangju experience/visit programs, actual living improvement projects, etc.- Academic events: pre-forum, opening symposium and international symposium
  • Project expense: 4.5 million U.S. dollars (national expenses: 1.3 million U.S. dollars, municipal expenses: 2.3 million U.S. dollars, private investments: 0.9 million U.S. dollars)
Supporting Infrastructure
Establishment of Gwangju Design Center
  • Size / project expenses: 33,000 m2, gross floor area of 17,354 m2 (consisting of first basement floor and seven floors) / 50 million U.S. dollars
  • Functions: playing a role as an integrated design business support center through supporting design technology development, utilization of common equipment, training personnel, providing information and start-up incubation
Establishing specialized equipment systems to connect design with local industries
  • Common equipment (design and print), producing prototypes, studio equipment, establishing an experience hall, etc.
Participating in national environmental design improvement projects
  • Laying the foundation to create new value by converging technology and design

Division in Charge : Strategic Industry Headquarters Future-Oriented Industry Policy Division

Contact : +82-62-613-3823