New Energy Industry

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All the world turns their interests to environment-friendly, new energy industries, including the hydrogen fuel cell, photovoltaic and wind power, while the depletion of fossil fuels, such as petroleum, are pending. Gwangju has actively nurtured the new energy industry as the future industry to lead the regional economy being equipped with abundant infrastructure, including the new energy industry nurturing center, solar city center and an international geothermal heat study center based on the natural conditions that Gwangju area has the highest level of insolation in the country, on which the efficiency rate of solar energy generation depends.

Investment Environment and Support Policy
  • To establish the municipal ordinance for solar energy for the first time in the country in June 2004.
  • To register the trademark of the “Solar City Gwangju“
    - To enhance the image as the city of solar energy and secure the competitiveness
  • To attract and associate with energy research institutes cooperating actively with the central government
    -Pre-occupy new regeneration energy industries, including solar light, hydrogen fuel cell, and deep geothermal
  • Solar City Center : Efficiency tests on solar power, exam analysis, trial manufactured goods tests and company support at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Honam Area Headquarters
  • Research Center of KITECH in Gwangju Advanced Scientific Industrial Zone Next Generation Energy Institute, Heeger Center for Advanced Materials: To develop the solar cell in Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
  • International Geothermal Heat Research Center : Deep geothermal heat technology development at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Honam Area Headquarters
  • To enlarge the solar energy facilities and supply the solar energy
    - 11,707kW of Photovoltaic, 56,517㎡ of solar panel, 9,440kW of geothermal heat generation, 4,240kW of bioenergy and 282kW of fuel cells (Local Energy Statistical Yeaer Book 2012, Energy Economics Institute)
Projects Under Process

To activate the regional economy by reinforcing the competence to develop the technology of the next generation solar cell including the plastic solar cell and enlarging its nurturing base.

  • To reinforce the competence to develop the technology for the next generation solar cells
    - Pre-occupy new regeneration energy industry including solar light, hydrogen fuel cells and deep geothermal
    - Redox Flow Battery Development Project (2014 ~2015, 10 billion won)
    - Practical business of deep geothermal heating greenhouse (2014-2015, 1 billion won)
    - Cultivate local industry in connection with growth base (2014-2017, 9 billion won)
    - Business of developing in-depth drills with large caliber (2014-2016, 6 billion won)
  • To enlarge the nurturing base of Green Energy industry
    - Establish branch of Gwangju of Korea Institute of Energy Research (2013-2018, 37.9 billion won)
    - Establish branch of Gwangju of Korea Electro-technology Research Institute (2015-2020, 40.5 billion won)
    - Establish eco-friendly new generation energy complex (2014-2034, 250 billion won)
    * 40MW 7MW for solar light energy and 40MW for fuel cell development
    - Hold international new regeneration energy exhibition (SWEET) (for every year, starting with 2009)

Division in Charge : Scientific Technology Division at Economic Industry Bureau

Contact : +82-62-613-3783