Photonics Industry

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The optical electronics industry is an industry that comprehensively includes the equipment, parts, devices and systems needed to deliver or preserve the information by creating or controlling the light. As the technology of creating the light (LED, laser) was started in 1960s, the technology of controlling or utilizing the light was initiated in 1980s. After 1990s, optical communications industry has been emerged from the invention of optical fiber. In 2000s, LED or rays of the sun became used to expand the scope of industry. Optical electronic industry is a new driving force in the industry that brings a new route for industries in Korea through integration with other industries and also is very important that the society in the future cannot be realized without the development of optical electronics industry based on science-intensive industry. In addition, this small and medium business industry is led by small and medium companies. The city of Gwangju has established optical electronics clusters that the academic-industrial relationship is concentrated on the advanced science complex industry as a part of promoting the local strategic industry since 2000.

Investment Environments and Supporting Policies
  • Focus on promoting to make new leaps forward by being in the global top 3 optical electronics industries in 2020.
  • Establish the one and only optical electronic industry combined with academic-industrial relationship.
  • Hold the exhibition of optical electronics industry by developing the MIG of mutual tradmark in Gwangju and also LUXKO as a co-brand.
  • Acquire the competitiveness that is equivalent with previous core industries by proceeding the business supported by government expenditures.
  • Support the technological development: Select the study assignments in the public offering for the company
  • Establish infrastructure of the production: Establish facilities to be mutually-utilized.
  • Produce and attract manpower (cultivate the technician manpower with specialties in field work and also attracts outstanding manpower)
  • Establish concentrated complexes: Optical electronics concentrated complexes (260,000 m2) and LED Valley (310,000 m2)
Support Outcomes

Optical electronics establishing a reputation with three major industries next to the vehicle and home electronics industries

  • Technology Infrastructure
    Integration on the proceedings for optical electronics industry development in the nation including the advanced optical electronics research institutes, electronic parts research institutes, KITECH Honam office, ETRI Honam Office and Korea optical electronics promotion committees
  • Human Infrastructure
    Professional manpower (more than 580 people) reside at the Korea optical electronics technology institution or special research institutions Produce the manpower in the major of relevant field and establish the system for producing manpower in the academic background from graduate schools to technical high school for producing the talents in the field
  • Land Infrastructure: Establish optical electronics for intensive complexes (260,000 m2) and LED valley (310,000 m2) to integrate about 300 companies
Emphasis Policies
  • Optical electronics-based combined industries and also optical electronics-bsed new growth force industry
    Develop the optical electronics-based combined technology including the optical electronics-applied. sensor, communication system, optical electronics parts and devices, general/industrial lights, combined/integrated lights and parts-based photovoltaic industry. Proceed to commercialize the products and reinforce the company support system through 3D integrated industry as a new growth driving force industry.
  • Advancement of the major fields such as optical electronics and LED
    Proceed the business of establishing the hub of LED integrated industry, establish/operate a LED light practical industry, LED optical grand consortium, LED system light technology and a infrastructure of supporting the production for IT-integrated technology based on the local area
  • Develop and cultivate the promising fields for the next generation (ultra precise optical electronics,laser and OLED)
    Proceed to develop the technology of infrared light optical lens, industralization, the chalcogen glass of infrared optical lens for the night penetrating camera, core parts for the industrial laser, module technology support and OLED light cultivating industry
  • Advancement of the company support
    Support the businesses of improving technology in optical electronics industry, cultivate the customized manpower in the field, reinforcement of the domestic/foreign certificate or examination, commercialization of optical-integrated technology, reinforcements of LED industry competitiveness and exhibitions of international optical electronics industry

Division in Charge : Strategic Industry Division in Economy & Industry Bureau

Contact : +82-62-613-3821