Gwangju Vision

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Preliminary Development and Vision of Gwangju City

Planning Goals
Goals Proceeding Strategies Proceeding Assignments
Realize this participating autonomous city Proceed administration based on communication and participation of citizens to realize citizen-centered autonomous city - Proceed administration participated by and communicated with citizens - Realize the Gwangju community is alive with Gwangju spirit - Reinforce cooperation for co-existence in region with all the citizens
Realize the city of equal human rights Proceed human rights-friendly policies and establish the bond and cooperative systems for improving human rights in Asia and the world - Practically support human rights that citizens can be aware of concerning - Realize global leading city of human right
Establish a safe green city Establish a city environment where humans and nature co-exist and create a green city Gwangju by constructing a convenient and safe transportation system - Establish infrastructure of safe city environment for citizens - Establish outstanding city views for citizens - Realize safe and convenient green transportation city - Realize sustainable eco-friendly city
Realize this warm city of welfare Prepare for residents welfare criteria in Gwangju and establish village-centered welfare community to create Gwangju for co-existence - Establish welfare group providing hope and touching moment - Realize generalized welfare by expanding public welfare business - Construct city environments that women and juveniles are happy with
Construct an economically affluent city Prepare for residents welfare criteria in Gwangju and establish village-centered welfare community to realize Gwangju for co-existence - Establish a model for creating an opportunity of employment in Gwangju by social pact - Establish a growth foundation by the local economy by supporting future industry - Proceed measures for promoting small and medium businesses or economy for ordinary citizens
Establish a dreaming cultural city Successfully proceed a business of establishing culture-centered city in Asia and realize dreaming city of Gwangju by supporting to establish creative cultural business - Proceed business of culture-centered city in Asia - Focus on cultivating creative culture businesses - Reinforce competitiveness by expanding the tour resources unique in the region - Reinforce capability as an international sports city

Division in Charge : Policy Planning Division

Contact : +82-62-613-2321