Healthcare Service

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You may have difficulties and find that you are wasting a lot of time at a hospital in Korea due to language barriers. Visiting the hospital with a Korean friend will facilitate your experience. If you cannot find a Korean to go with you, ask which hospital offers interpretation. Bring cash with you just in case you cannot use your credit card (Some hospitals will take specific credit cards only). The Healthcare Insurance Card is not a prepaid card.

Public Healthcare Clinics
Donggu Health Center: (+82-62-608-3355, 1 Seonam-ro, Dong-gu, (31 Seoseok-dong))
Seogu Health Center (+82-62-350-4708, 33 Gyungyul-ro, Seo-gu, (299 Nongseong-dong))
Nam-gu Clinic: (+82-62-607-4450, 1, Bongseon-ro, Nam-gu(1284-1 Juwol-dong)
Buk-gu Clinic: (+82-62-410-8968, 65 Uchi-ro, Buk-gu (359 Jungheung-dong))
Gwangsan-gu Clinic: (+82-62-960-8746,15 Gwangsan-ro No. 29, Gwangsan-gu (833-8 Songjeong-dong))
Support for Childcare by Grandparents
Eligible: All grandparents in the 70th income percentile or lower with twin grandchildren or triplets or with more grandchildren.:
Description: Providing childcare allowance for grandparents who, instead of the parents who are both working, are responsible for the care and rearing of their grandchildren aged between 0 and 8,
Grandparents caring for grandchildren not attending any childcare institution: 250,000 won per month:
Grandparents caring for grandchildren up to Grade 2 in age and enrolled in childcare institutes or schools: 100,000 won per month:
Supporting Institution: Gwangju Metropolitan City Council of Women

Division in Charge : Health Policy Division at the Welfare & Health Bureau

Contact: +82-62-613-3321