Acquisition and Conversion of Driver's Licenses

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Acquisition of a Driver’s License

Those wishing to drive a car must acquire a driver’s license issued by regional police agencies.
Foreigners who want to drive a car in Korea need to acquire at the least a second-class general license for passenger vehicles.

You will get a driver’s license after passing a driver’s license test.
The purpose of the test is to check your knowledge of traffic rules and laws, along with your ability to drive.
By studying at a drive license academy, you can acquire the knowledge and abilities that will be tested during the licensing test.
The driver’s license test includes a written knowledge test, a driving skill test and a driving skill road test.

Qualifications: Those over age 18 and who have lived in Korea for more than 6 months.
Application / Issuance: At any of the 26 Driver’s License Test Offices in Korea.
Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese
Expiration: Seven years (Those who are 65 and over need to renew their driver’s license every 5 years)
Required documents: Passport or alien registration card, 4 photos (3X4cm.).
Physical Check-ups
Physical check-ups cost 5,000 won. The physical check-up can be replaced if carrying the original copy of health medical examination statement within 2 years.
Written Knowledge Test
Social security card, passport or certificate of alien registration, 2 photos (3X4m.), 7,500 won of examination fees (examination with a PC Department)
Driving Skills Test
Resident registration card, passport or alien registration card, test application form, exam fee of 15,000 won
Issue Temporary Driver's License]
3,500 won (valid for 1 year)
Driving Road Test
Social security card, passport or certificate of alien registration, 25,000 won for examination fees

Conversion of Foreign Driver’s Licenses

If a foreigner who possesses a driver’s license legally is issued by a foreign institution and the person wants to drive in Korea, he or she must convert their driver’s license into a Korean license.

Required Documents
The driver’s license issued in the individual’s home country, alien registration card, seal (or signature), 3 photos (3X4cm.), letter of guarantee for the translated driver’s license (English is an exception) and a confirmation letter from the person's Embassy (The U.S., the U.K., France, Canada, Germany, Japan and Spain).

※You must bring a passport and driver’s license issued by the same country. If there is no written date of issuance on your driver’s license, you must submit a document that proves the date.

Koreans with foreign nationality must prove their residence in Korea. Koreans who have a legal resident card issued by a foreign government need to submit their resident card or overseas Korean card, both of which shall show his or her Korean nationality.
Things to Remember
You must submit the documents stipulated above in person, not by proxy.

◎ Driver’s License Agency Call Center: 1577-1120

Other Information: Find out where the test can be taken by visiting the website of the Driver’s License Agency

Division in Charge : Public Transport Division at the Transport & Construction Bureau

Contact : +82-62-613-4514