Gwangju Subway System

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Pyeongdong / Dosan / GwangjuSongjeong / Songjeong Park / Airport /
KimDaejung Convention Center (Mareuk) / Sangmu / Uncheon (Honam University) / Ssangcheon /
Hwajeong / Nongseong / Dolgogae / Yangdong Market / Geumnamno5(o)-ga / Geumnamno4(sa)-ga /
Culture Complex (Formerly Provincial Office) / Nam Gwangju / Hakdong · Jeungsimsa / Sotae / Nokdong
Subway Line No. 1 / Subway Line No. 2 / Subway Line No. 3

Subway Timetable

Last Updated: March 1, 2009
Station First train Last train
For Pyeong-dong For Sotae For Pyeong-dong For Sotae
Sotae 05:30 06:02 23:27 24:00
Hakdong Jeungsimsa Ipgu 05:32 06:01 23:29 23:58
Nam Gwangju (South Gwangju) 05:33 05:59 23:30 23:57
Culture Complex (Former Provincial Office) 05:34 05:58 23:32 23:55
Geumnamno 4(Sa)-ga 05:36 05:56 23:33 23:54
Geumnamno 5(O)-ga 05:37 05:55 23:35 23:52
Yangdong Market 05:39 05:53 23:37 23:50
Dongogae 05:41 05:51 23:38 23:49
Nongsung 05:43 05:49 23:40 23:47
Hwajeong 05:44 05:48 23:42 23:45
Ssangcheon 05:46 05:47 23:43 23:44
Uncheon (Honam University Ipgu) 05:47 05:45 23:45 23:42
Sangmu 05:49 05:43 23:47 23:40
KimDae-jung ConventionCenter 05:51 05:41 23:48 23:39
Airport 05:54 05:38 23:52 23:35
Songjeong Park 05:56 05:36 23:54 23:33
Songjeong-ri 05:58 05:34 23:56 23:31
Dosan 06:00 05:32 23:57 23:30
Pyeong-dong 06:02 05:30 24:00 23:27

※Frequency: Morning rush hour: Every 5 minutes; Evening rush hour: Every 7 minutes; Normal daily hours: Every 8~10 minutes

※For further details on timetables, please visit the Gwangju Metro website ->Korean:

Subway Timetable

Flat Rate(Application of same fare to every subway section)
In order to provide convenience to residents and considering the fairness with the intra-city bus fares, the flat rate will be maintained.
Transfer Standards
Transfer Standards According to Types
Transfer Type Transfer Type Frequency Other
Subway-Intra city Bus-Village Bus ransferring within 30 minutes after the first get off No limits Free transfer
Gwangju Public Transportation (Subway, intra-city bus, village bus) and intra city buses (Naju, Damyang, Hwasun, Hanpyeong, Jangseong) Transferring within 30 minutes after the first get off Only for once 50% Discount(Additional cost for costs out of section)
Things to Remember when You Transfer
You will receive the free transfer advantage only with a traffic card. Cash and disposable tickets (including token types) are not included.
You must touch the card reader with your traffic card when getting off in order to get free transfer advantages.
You cannot pass the gate if there is not enough balance in your traffic card. You will need to recharge your card to use it.
There are no discounts for transfers for Gwangju public transportation and intra-city buses inside the city of Gwangju (if the starting point and the destination is Gwangju city).
Be careful, because if you have 2 or more traffic cards in your wallet, it may not be useable or it could be double charged.

Type of ticket and discount

Transportation Card and Disposable Ticket
Classification Transportation Card Disposable Ticket Remarks
Adults 1,100 won 1,200 won Last Updated: July 1, 2011
University Student 1,000 won 1,200 won
Youth 800 won 1,000 won
Elementary Schooler (Child) 400 won 400 won

※ You will be charged an additional basic fare 2 hours after using the card.

Special Discounts
Discount Type User Type Transit Fare Remarks
Special Discount - Seniors age 65 or older; - Veterans and other national heroes (Classes 1 ~ 7) and an individual accompanying veterans/national heroes of Class 1
- Victims of the May 18th Democratic Uprising and an individual accompanying them
-people with disabilities (Classes 1 ~ 3) and an individual accompanying them.
 Free - Use the automatic ticket machine (which recognizes the user’s I.D., including the Resident Registration Cards (for seniors), Welfare Cards (for people with disabilities), and the National Hero Cards (for veterans and other heroes).
GroupDiscount Students Children (up to Grade 6) 320 won (20% off) - For groups of 20 or more people traveling the same distance on the same distance (One guide/instructor leading every 20 students get a free pass). Group discount fares are issued in the form of receipts.
Teens (Grades 7 ~ 12) 700 won (30% off)
Teachers/Parents in company 960 won (20% off)
General Adults (not students) 960 won (20% off)

Public Transit Fare Type

표이미지 This ticket can be used just once within 2 hours from the time the ticket is passed through the subway turnstile, regardless of the date of purchase (Ticket types: General, Discount, Free) A free ticket can be used only on the date of issuance
Special Discounts
표이미지 1. User Types:
- Seniors (age 65 or older);
- People with disabilities (Classes 1 ~ 3) and an individual accompanying them;
- Veterans and National Heroes (Classes 1 ~ 7) and an individual accompanying veterans or National Heroes of Class 1;
- Victims of the May 18th Democratic Uprising and an individual accompanying victims with disabilities of Class 1
- Independent fighters (“Patriots”) and their descendants, and an individual accompanying Patriots who require mobility assistance.

2. Special Discounts Available on:
Gwangju Metropolitan Transit System (Nokdong Station ~ Pyeongdong Station)
Traffic Card
표이미지 1. Type of Traffic Card
These are Radio Frequency Traffic Cards. These traffic cards are divided into two types: Pre-payment and post-payment.
2. Up to how much can be charged?
Pre-payment Traffic Cards: 5,000 Won (min.) ~ 500,000 Won (max.), the minimum unit of charging is 1,000 won. You can recharge your card unless it is fully charged.
3. Issuance of Card
You can apply for a pre-paid traffic card registered in your name by visiting a bank or a card company affiliated with a traffic card company. Pre-paid traffic cards are issued at every subway station office, the Gwangju Metro and Maibi member stores.
4. Applied subway line section
Gwangju Metro (Nok-dong Station ~ Pyeong-dong Station)
표이미지 Required Conditions
1) This rule applies to those traveling as a group of 20 or more people to the same destination.
2) One person (leader) from the group may ask for a group passenger ticket.
- Student group
Student group refers to a group composed of more than 20 people including students and a teacher (or a student leader) to lead them for purposes related to studying or education.
- General Groups
General group refers to a group composed of more than 20 people who are not students or children and who are led by a person responsible for the group.
- Children Groups
Children Groups refer to a group of more than 20 children led by a teacher or a protector.

*Group Passenger Tickets

e-Transit Fares
Name Design Standard Division Sales and Supplements Prices Remarks
Han-pay Card 8.5 X 5.4cm. 8.5 X 5.4cm. General card with real name registered Kwangju Bank 4,000 won
University Student Card (with user name written)
General (without a user name written) Children’s Card (with user name written)
Bitgoeul Card 8.5 X 5.4cm. General card with real name registered Kwangju Bank 4,000 won  
Student card with real name registered
General card without registered name Gwangju Metropolitan Transit Corporation 4,000 won Only general cards are on sale (no student cards are on sale).
Kookmin Card, Shinhan Card 8.5 X 5.4cm. Credit cards that can be used as traffic card. (Post-payment) Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank Free Credit card with signs saying “post-payment traffic cards, traffic cards, Seoul traffic cards” on the back
Mini Card 7.1 X 4.5cm. General card without registered name, student card without registered name Maibi Member Store 4,000 won  
Accessory Card (Round/heart/ Rectangular: vertical types and horizontal types) Differs according to the design of each card General card without registered name, student card without registered name Maibi Member Store 6,000 won

Division in Charge : Transport & Construction Bureau Public Transport Division