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Direct Link to Korail -> http://info.korail.com/2007/eng/eng_index.jsp
Railroad Timetable
Direct Link to Railroad Timetable ->] http://www.korail.com/en/rv/pr21100/w_pr21110.jsp

Search for your destination by directly typing it in or by just clicking the name of the station. Just type in or click the name of either the departure station or the arrival station to access all information on the trains in the station. If the station you chose does not exist, the site will then show every station on the site.

Direct Link to Fares l -> http://www.korail.com/en/rv/pr21100/w_pr21110.jsp
Access general information on the fare of the train you choose.
This website will show the fares of the train you choose, regardless of whether the train is actually in service.
This website will show the train with the shortest line if there are more than two train lines for your destination
For more detailed information on the timetables and fares of specific trains, please complete online searches and/or reservations].

Railroad Service Center: 1544-7788
Reservation services for those with a railroad membership: 1544-8545
Report railroad accidents at: 080-850-4982

Division in Charge : Public Transport Division at Transport & Construction Bureau

Contact : +82-62-613-4514