International Marriages and Naturalization

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International Marriages

This rule refers to marriages between Koreans and foreign nationals. Couples should have documents that prove the legality of their marriage, regardless of whether their wedding ceremony is held in Korea or abroad (The document must be translated into Korean if it is written in a foreign language). Both parties must have documentation regarding their families in order to prove that they have not married twice. 「Family Relation Registration」 is needed for Korean people, and equivalent proof documents are needed for foreigners. (In the case of documents in a foreign language, they must be translated into Korean). The foreign national will have to provide similar proof (with documents needing to be translated into Korean if written in a foreign language). Witnesses are required. It is necessary to get signatures from two Korean nationals who can prove that the couple’s marriage is valid. You will be legally married under Korean law within three to four days after submitting all the required documents to the regional district office (or Gucheong) in your region.

Naturalization Process

This is a process to acquire Korean citizenship for a foreigner married to a Korean national. A foreigner can get an F2-1 (Joining Family) visa after marrying a Korean national through which he or she is granted one year of sojourn which can be extended from 1 year (min.) up to 2 years (max.). As for application for nationality, it is available to acquire nationality in Korea if he/she stays in Korea for more than 2 years after marriage or marries with Korean spouse staying in Korea for 3 years after being married when he/she stays for more than 1 year in Korea in the state of matrimony followed by passing certain examination upon the application of naturalization to the Minister of Justice, according to the international law last revised in June 1998. In addition, when acquiring nationality to be a Korean citizen for a foreigner, he/she shall renounce the person's previous nationality in Korea. Korea does not allow any dual nationalities

Citizenship of Children

In accordance with the revised Nationality law, children can automatically acquire Korean citizenship even if only one parent has Korean citizenship. However, the child must choose one nationality before becoming 18 if their citizenship is not chosen earlier. Even if the father does not have Korean citizenship, the children shall receive education services and health insurance benefits without problems.

Reporting Marriages and/or Births

If foreigners marry with Korean people or acquire foreign nationality according to the domestic law, it is needed to apply to the embassy in their mother country if babies of foreign parents were born or died according to the domestic law.

Submission period and necessary documents
Report of a birth: Within 30 days since giving a birth. Passport, certificate of a birth
Notice of death: Within 14 days since dying. Certificate of alien registration, death certificate
Marriage: Passport, certificate of alien registration, proof documents of application
Things to Remember
Required documents vary according to the status of sojourn. Call before submitting the report.

Division in Charge : Local Autonomy Administration Division in Local Autonomy Administration Bureau

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