Change of Registration

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Reasons for Reporting

When a registered foreigner has any change of name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, passport issuance date, passport expiration date, workplace address or position within the workplace.

How to Report
The person him(her)self or his or her representative must report to the immigration office in his or her region within 14 days after the start of such changes by preparing all required documents, such as passport, alien registration card and other related documents.

Change of Address

Reasons for Reporting
Moved to a new place with a change of address
How to Report
Report to any nearby district office, such as City Hall, any gu, any eup or any myeon (district names) within 14 days after moving to a new address with your passport and alien registration card. You must report the change of address even if your new address is located within the same area.

Changing or Adding Workplaces

Permissible Cases
Permissible cases include when a foreigner changes or adds his or her workplace before the currently held status of sojourn expires. Workplace refers to the place where a foreigner has permission to work in Korea is employed. A foreign national who seeks to sign a contract with a new or additional place of employment must receive permission for the change or addition of employment. It is also a good idea to consult with officials at the immigration office before making any changes in one's employment status because allowable changes or additions to workplaces are limited.
Required Documents
Passport or certificate of alien registration, agreement from the CEO of current work place, identity guarantee document of CEO of current work place in case of changing social standing and a commission of 120,000 won (government revenue stamp)

Change of Workplace: Industrial Trainees

Who can Apply
This rule applies to industrial trainees working at those companies recommended by the Korean Federation Small and Medium Business and other organizations designated by the government. Industrial trainees may apply for a change of workplace in such cases as bankruptcy, closure of working place, deteriorating business conditions, transfer of ownership and/or violations of contract by the company making acquisition.
Required Documents
Passport or certificate of alien registration, confirmation of collecting income tax from company under modification, copy of business license, certified copy of the registration of corporation, proof documents for modification and a commission of 120,000 won (government revenue stamp)

Division in Charge: Local Autonomy Administration Division in Local Autonomy Administration Bureau

Contact: +82-62-613-2913 (2913)