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Transformation of a hillside village, Balsan Village

2017-06-29 관리자
Transformation of a hillside village, Balsan Village, a place worth visiting in Gwangju
- Village regeneration utilizing the existing village assets instead of redevelopment based on public and private partnership with Hyundai Motors
- Youths moving into the village have added vitality to the village and tourists have increased

○ Those visiting Balsan Village would be able to encounter these youths' messages all over the village and visitors would witness youths taking photographs in front of these messages.

○ Gwangju’s representative hillside village, Balsan Village in Yang3-dong, is transforming into a place filled with the scent of human love and a place for youths to start new challenges, regaining vitality.

○ The transformation of Balsan Village dates back to December 2014. The project began when Hyundai Motors Group participated in the Gwangju Creative Economy Innovation Center, stirring interest in the Gwangju region and ultimately, proposing the regeneration of Balsan Village in Gwangju City.

○ As the first case of corporate participation in village regeneration, it is meaningful as the city regeneration project was implemented by a company and Gwangju City together with the participation of citizens by sharing roles through cooperation.

○ Moreover, the emphasis was placed on utilizing the existing asset on top of the village’s original shape and atmosphere to enable self-support and to instill vitality in the village, instead of redevelopment method.

○ For this, Gwangju City operated a Cooperative Implementation Team together with Hyundai Motors Group, West District Office, regional artists and villagers in order to implement the Balsan Village project and through it, supervises and coordinates the project and from the administrative aspect, it is in charge of improving the poor living environment while Hyundai Motors is responsible for recovery of village community, generating jobs in villages and creating tourism content.

○ The first thing to note is that the alleys have become beautified by coloring and remodeling the old walls and roofs with colors and patterns that were discovered in the villages through the Color Art Project. 108 Stairs and Youth Village, which act as an information center of Balsan Village, play a pivotal role in the transformation of Balsan Village.

○ In addition, the works of regional artists embracing the history and stories of the village offer a lot of things to see in the village that used to be outdated and grey. In particular, at the ’Balsan Observatory Deck where stars rise’ located at the top of Balsan Village, the entire landscape of the village and the downtown can be seen, attracting many people.

○ The villagers are seeking for jobs by themselves in the village. For tourists who have applied for tours, home cooked meals cooked in a caldron by grandmas are offered in the Senior Citizen Center and guesthouses are being operated in households that have applied. In addition, lemon extract, plum extract, Vegetable and Seaweed Chips and others made by the villagers have become commercialized for sale in the Youth Village.

○ Balsan Village is dreaming of evolution and development as a community of a happy life and a site for new challenges in villagers and youths.

○ For details related to the festival, please visit the homepage of Youth Balsan Village (
Transformation of a hillside village, Balsan Village
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