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‘Experience tourism’ attracts foreign tourists.

2017-04-28 관리자
‘Experience tourism’ attracts foreign tourists.

- Gwangju City develops ‘Ome Gwangju! Experience Tourism Program’
- Experience programs are expanded from traditional foods to ‘Korean Wave’

○ Gwangju Metropolitan City plans to expand the scope of food-oriented experience tourism programs offered to attract foreign tourists into the entire sectors of ‘Korean Wave’ including beauty cosmetics and K-Pop.

○ Gwangju City announced on April 19 that it developed ‘Ome Gwangju! Experience Tourism Program’ in an effort to globalize the image of Gwangju, a culture-centered city, and enhance inducement of foreign tourists.

○ The program is believed to be introduced because Southern Provincial Traditional Food Experience Tourism Program that has been operated since 2009 made a success in attracting a total of 34701 tourists from China, Japan and Singapore, but the number of tourists have been gradually reduced as a result of the MERS incident two years ago.

○ First of all, Gwangju City decided to proactively respond to decreased foreign tourists and expand the area of experience tourism from ‘foods’ to ‘Korean Wave’ contents based on development of ‘Ome Gwangju! Experience Tourism Program.’

○ It aims to develop and operate tourism products in connection with Traditional Wedding & Confucian Scholar Experience, Beauty Cosmetics, K-Pop and Traditional Market Exploration in addition to existing southern provincial foods so that they can grow into representative tourism brands in the region.

○ It also plans to establish close cooperative system in cooperation with related institutions including Gwangju Tourism Convention Bureau in order to consult and jointly develop detailed programs and finalize them based on demonstrative operation for foreign students enrolled in universities located in Gwangju.

○ In addition, the city will develop unique business brands and CIs based on diversified contents of experience tourism and make the most of them in tourism marketing and promotion abroad.

○ Mi-su Ryu, Section Chief of Tourism Promotion Department, said, “We are facing difficulties in facilitating regional tourism due to China’s Korea travel ban, but we will do our utmost to attract foreign tourists by developing appealing experience tour products that reflect the global trends favoring FIT (Free Individual Tour) instead of group tour and diversifying the tour markets into Japan, South East Asia and Taiwan.
‘Experience tourism’ attracts foreign tourists.
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