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Enjoy Gwangju City Tour Bus

2017-03-30 관리자
"Enjoy Gwangju City Tour Bus“
- The bus departs nine times a day on Saturdays and Sundays for all major tourist attractions in the city.
- The city government plans to launch ‘the Themed Bus Tour to Namdo’ with celebrities.
(Department of Cultural Promotion, Tel. 82-62-613-3620)

○ Gwangju operates the Gwangju City Tour Bus Tour Bus which visits all the city’s major tourist attractions.

○ The 'Gwangju City Tour Bus' passes via all the major sightseeing spots of Gwangju nine times a day at intervals of 50 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays between March 25 and November 30. Buy a ticket and you can hop on and off the tour bus at any bus stop you want. The bus route covers all the city’s major tourist spots around the city.

○ The city tour bus departs from Gwangju Songjeong Station and stops at the following bus stops before returning to the station: Kimdaejung Convention Center, Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall, U-Square (Bus Terminal), Jungoe Park (the Gwangju Museum of Art and the Gwangju Folk Museum), May 18th National Cemetery, Gwangjuho Lake Eco Park (lyric poetry cultural zone), Chungjangsa Shrine (entrance to Mudeungsan Mountain), Namgwangju Station (Pureungil Park), Yangnim-dong (missionaries’ relics), Asia Culture Center, and Daein Art Market.

○ You can book the city tour at the following website ( or by phone (Gwangju Tourism Association, Tel. 82-62-233-3399). You can also purchase the city tour bus ticket when you board the bus. The bus fare is 3,000 won for middle and high school students and adults, and 2,000 won for elementary school students and persons of distinguished service to the state.
○ The Gwangju Metropolitan City plans to launch a monthly ‘Themed Namdo Tour with Celebrities’ who excel in various fields of the humanities to help visitors to better understand the province on a memorable trip and enjoy the beauty, history and culture of Gwangju, as well as the natural beauty of its neighboring cities and counties.

"This year, we will focus on attracting young people from the Seoul area, among others, by offering a variety of special events such as the Frenzy Festival and the night market, which will be held every Saturday night in central Gwangju,“ announced
Ryu Mi-su, manager of the Department of Tourism Promotion of Gwangju Metropolitan City. “We will make the Bitgoeul City Tour the city’s key tourism product so that visitors to the city can create pleasant memories while savoring the province's unique flavors, beauty and excitement."
Enjoy Gwangju City Tour Bus
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