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Check the reorganize of city bus routes in advance!

2017-02-24 관리자
Check the reorganize of city bus routes in advance!

- Improve facilities such as bus stops and strengthen promotion, minimizing the inconvenience for citizens
- Distribute guide map of routes’ reorganize and focus on promotion for elderly.

○ Gwangju Metropolitan City said it is doing its utmost to improve facilities such as stops on reorganized routes and on-line and off-line promotion ahead of the implementation of bus routes reorganize on 25th.

○ Gwangju City will introduce route guide map, poster, guide map for stops on reorganized routes and banner on the inside and outside of the bus stops and on city buses to minimize the inconvenience and confusion of citizens in the early stage as the city bus route is reorganized drastically for the first time in 10 years.

○ In addition, various promotional materials such as transfer guide map will be placed in the multi-use facilities such as the City Office, the Citizens’ Center, the Residents' Center, the station, the terminal and the airport so that citizens can easily receive them.

○ Especially, it seems to be more confusing to the elderly people when they use city buses, so promotional materials that guide the entire stopover route of the reorganized routes are attached to the bus platform and provided to Bitgoeul elderly health town, senior citizen center, social welfare center and traditional market, etc.

○ We are actively promoting through online promotional means such as mobile Gwangju, website, and bus information system(BIS). The reorganize route was announced on the city homepage since last December. And from February 10, when the route reorganization was finalized, it is being promoted variously such as mobile Gwangju, bus information system (BIS), bus information terminal (BIT), local cable TV, electronic display of City hall, Blogs, Facebook, and other social networking sites through video and text display.

○ An official of Gwangju City said, "In order to minimize the confusion caused by the reorganization of the route, we will reorganize the route prior to the start of schools in March and publicize it with all means of promotion, but it is expected to be somewhat inconvenient at the beginning. I hope that citizens check in advance then use the city buses. "

○ With this reorganization of the routes, 98 routes will be expanded to 102 routes, and 49 routes will be adjusted, including 4 new, 6 integrated, 3 separated, and 36 modified.

○ When you download 'Mobile Gwangju' app from the App Store, you can get various traffic information such as railway, subway, express bus as well as reorganized route information.
Check the reorganize of city bus routes in advance!
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