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Gwangju City Provides Safe Tap Water

2017-02-03 관리자
Gwangju City Provides Safe Tap Water

Gwangju City Provides Safe Tap Water
- Filtration plants, faucets in households, and worn out water pipes turned out to be 'appropriate' for drinking water
(Waterworks Authority, 609-6312)

○ According to water quality investigation in January, 3 Gwangju filtration plants, 130 random water faucets, and 8 worn-out water pipes all turned out to be appropriate for providing drinking water.

○ Gwangju Metropolitan City announced on the 30th that after conducting monthly investigation of tap water quality and drinking water of 3 filtration plants under jurisdiction (Yongyeon, Gakhwa, Deoknam) by 60 items, 44 hazardous organic matters including lead were not detected, and 16 harmful substances were detected lower than the standards—nitrate nitrogen was detected 0.6∼0.7mg/L(standard 10 mg/L or under) and such.

○ In addition, general bacteria and total coliforms were not detected in water faucets in households, and disinfection status was maintained to be safe by the water quality standard— criteria includes flavor, scent, and residual chlorine(0.1∼4.0 ㎎/L detected. The standard is 0.11∼0.58 ㎎/L/). Investigations on worn-out water pipe areas of filtration plants turned out to be positive as well on all 10 items.

○ Youngjoo Kang, the director of Water Research Institute, said "Gwangju city is proving the safety of tap water using scientific tests and state-of-the-art equipment with Water Research Institute(Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme(KOLAS) certified its analytic ability) as the center of the investigation". She also added, "We also upload the result on Waterworks Authority homepage( to reassure our citizens." The end.
Gwangju City Provides Safe Tap Water
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