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Summer Family Culture Camp

2017-06-29 관리자
“Come and visit Gwangju City Hall on a summer night”
Gwangju City to operate ‘Summer Family Culture Camp’ in the City Hall’s Law Plaza

○ This year, the Lawn Plaza and pine tree forest located in front of Gwangju Metropolitan City Hall will again be open to citizens as a culture camp site on summer nights.

○ Gwangju Metropolitan City revealed on the 20th that camping hammocks, shades, tents and others would be installed in the Lawn Plaza of the City Hall from
the 26th to August 15th to operate the ‘Summer Family Culture Camp‘ offering citizens a place of healing on summer nights.

○ Last year, Gwangju City operated it only on weekends in June and July but has decided to operate it daily due to the positive response from participating citizens.

○ Every day, 10 tents, 10 camping hammocks and 5 blocks of shades will be operated and various programs such as Cultural Performances (Fridays and Saturdays on school holidays), Family Movie Show (Every Thursday and Saturday), Safety Experience Hall (weekdays and everyday during school holidays) will be offered.

○ The shades installed under the pine trees can be used freely without separate applications.

○ However, as it is not a specialized camping field, it is not equipped with perfect amenities so simple cooking using a portable burner would be allowed but using charcoal and firewood with a high risk of fire as well as washing dishes are prohibited.

○ Applications for ‘Summer Family Culture Camp‘ for June and July can be made on first-come-first-serve basis starting at 10 A.M on the 22nd through the homepage of Gwangju City. Applications for August will begin at 10 AM on July 25th. In case an application hasn‘t been made, visitors can personally bring tents anytime on weekdays and weekends.

○ Gwangju City is expected to allocate the Safety Management Team during the event period to guide visitors and to prepare for emergency situations while ensuring the safety of citizens.
※ Inquiries related to use: Gwangju Metropolitan City Accounting Division Building Management Team (062-613-3196)

○ Meanwhile, Gwangju City has been conducting the summer culture camp annually in the Lawn Square in the City Hall from 2015.

○ Cho Yoon Shik, the director of Accounting Division stated that “Family Culture Camp is gaining popularity as families can evade the heat while enjoying cultural performances in the heart of the city” and that “As much as the fact that it has become an annual event, I hope that many citizens would seek rest in the open square of the City Hall and make memories together”.
Summer Family Culture Camp
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