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It will become a cultural hub next May by holding international events with the Asia Culture Center

2017-01-05 관리자
It will become a cultural hub next May by holding international events with the Asia Culture Center

13 events since this April
504 street performances and 654 experiences
290,000 people have watched the festival
8,138 people have assisted its operation

The 2016 Gwangju Fringe Festival is wrapping up its big run of a year with the awards ceremony on December 1st.

The Gwangju Fringe Festival, which started in April, infused life into this cultural city for the last eight months.

There have been a total of 504 performances during 13 events and a whopping 5,762 performers.
There were 654 civic experience programs including balloon mime, flimmaco, and go-fight game and 2,376 people have assisted its operation.

● Creating fringe enthusiasts

The 2016 Gwangju Fringe Festival selected a theme and a concept each month under the major theme "Experiencing the zenith of Gwangju's culture" so that it could encourage and motivate performing artists to create original programs and thus create charm in Gwangju-style art and tourism festival.This has also created fringe lovers.
There particularly were popular Gwangju-themed performances and programs: Ome Song and dance, love songs, Hwanbeokdang and the love story, bronze mime and a crowd of light, running mommies, rice ball sharing, mat party in the Minju square, and peace dove collective art.

● Turning into a festival space for people
The organization held a contest to choose a brand for the Gwangju Fringe Festival and the brand "Ome! Gwangju" was the one that was finally chosen.

The word "o" means five in Korean, which represents the five charms of the city, though the word was turned into the exclamation "ome" that is widely used in this area. That exclamation was able to successfully plant the friendly exclamations like "Ome! How good" or "Ome! Welcome" into the minds of the public.
The Gwangju Fringe Festival, a cultural event where citizens can enjoy street performances and experience arts and thus can form a cultural consensus, heated up the city and became the talk of the town throughout the country.

The central roads of the city were blocked so that people can have a space to have a festival filled with various high-class performances and colorful and unique programs.
Places like the hall of culture, Minju Square, Geumnamno, and Chungjangno were transformed to a road of culture and art connected to the street of art, Daein Art Market, old city-hall junction, and Yangnimdong History Village.
Basically, a new street of culture and art was born every two weeks.

There have been a whopping 504 performances like concerts, exhibitions, and musicals at the Gwangju Fringe Festival with the help of cultural and art organizations such as the Hall of Culture, Gwangju Cultural Foundation, and the Federation of Artistc & Cultural Organization of Korea in association with civil organizations.

A living environment that allows people to enjoy street performances in an open area is an extension of opportunities for enjoying culture and arts.

The festival shows its potential to become a comprehensive art festival in its very first year in that amateur and professional art organizations throughout the country participated in this year's event.

Also, the festival also laid the foundation for nationalizing and globalizing the event by associating various cultural events not only in a regional level, but also in a national and international level; there have been regional cultural events such as Water Gun Festival, Cultural and Art Club Festival, and Youth Imagination Festival. The festival also tried to interact with other regions of Korea such as Youngnam and Seoul as well as other countries such as China and Japan.

The festival linked events that have been held from time to time with the festival itself and presented them on even number Saturdays; such events include Earth Day event, Youth Imagination Festival, Beauty Festival, Water Gun Festival, performances that won Imbangul Traditional Korean Music Festival, Geumnam Park outdoor performances, Jeongyulseong Music Festival, Moonlight Pork Concert, Cultural and Art Club Festival, and performances by cultural and art organizations.

● Co-host with the Asia Culture Center next May

The festival will greet citizens with more sophisticated programs around the Asia Culture Center on every Saturdays starting next year.

In addition, the ACC-Gwangju International Gwangju Fringe Festival will be held in May in association with the Asia Culture Center, attempting to jump up to be a world-class festival.
It will become a cultural hub next May by holding international events with the Asia Culture Center
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