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Namgwangju train night market officially runs

2016-11-28 관리자
Namgwangju train night market officially runs
- Run between 6 pm and 11 pm every Friday and Saturday
- Newly renovated from the dawn market to 'the train night market'
- Gwangju-si, develops a connected route to neighboring tourist resources, and expands the facilities

Namgwangju Market was officially reopened as 'Namgwangju Train Night Market' after new renovation.

Namgwangju Night Market crowded by a maximum number of ten thousand people per day during last 3 weeks of a trial run is expected to be a space where people enjoy exotic foods and many things to recall past memories.

Previously, Namgwangju market was a place to open the morning of Gwangju and a representative dawn market where not only Gwangju citizens but also neighboring people at Hwasun, Naju and Boseong visited by an early morning train. It is now reborn with the name of 'Namgwangju Train Night Market'

Recently, Gwangju made successful reinvigoration cases of traditional markets, such as Daein Art Namgwangju Market and 1913 Songjeong Station Market. In particular, it catches our attentions that the deprived traditional markets were changed by young people's dreams and efforts rather than by huge capital.

Gwangju-si is expecting Namgwangju Train Night Market where young merchants' individuality and creativity are added on the traditional market's inherent attraction to be an energizer for the decrepit traditional market.

Jang-hyeon Yun, the mayor of Gwangju, who showed great interest in Namgwangju Train Night Market so that he organized expert conferences four times to set the concept and direction of the Night Market said, " development of a tourist route connecting neighboring Pureun-gil, Yangnim-dong Modern Historic and Cultural Village and Dongmyeong-dong Cafe Village, and expansion of the facilities are required to attract foreign tourists" and "I will continuously discuss with the borough to achieve them".
Namgwangju train night market officially runs
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