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The forthcoming kimchi preparation in Gwangju as the homeland for kimchi!

2016-10-26 관리자
The forthcoming kimchi preparation in Gwangju as the homeland for kimchi!0
The forthcoming kimchi preparation in Gwangju as the homeland for kimchi!
- World kimchi festival and kimchi state ceremony will be simultaneously held from the 18th of next month
- The holding time to be adjusted according to the kimchi season… and the activation of the kimchi industry as planned
- Colorful events such as selection of kimchi master, kimchi arirang, cooking contest for famous chefs, etc.

○ “Please do the kimchi preparation this year in Gwangju, which is the homeland for kimchi.”

○ The 23rd Gwangju global kimchi festival is to be held for 5 days from November 18th to November 22nd at Gwangju Kimchi Town. Starting this year, the kimchi festival and the kimchi state ceremony will be integrated and organized according to the shipping period of kimchi preparation materials such as the chinese cabbage and radish, etc. from the southern region, with the kimchi state ceremony being conducted until December 9th.

○ The Kimchi Festival Committee has selected ?Kimchi! From Gwangju to the world?as the theme of the kimchi festival, and ?Oh my! Gwangju kimchi, this year is the kimchi preparation in Gwangju' as the slogan to aim at an industrial festival, and is making multi-faceted efforts for reinforcement of association with regional agriculture, activation of kimchi industry, etc.

○ The procurement of kimchi preparation materials was planned for this purpose by growing the main material for kimchi preparation such as the chinese cabbage, and contract with regional production farms, processing and delivery by the regional kimchi businesses that are retaining HACCP certification, which is a food safety standard certification, to enhance the related industry, and the purchase of safe and delicious traditionally fermented Gwangju kimchi with trust by consumers.

○ The key statement for this year's kimchi festival is ‘Kimchi preparation in Gwangju’, and various programs will be scheduled with reference to the kimchi culture.

In particular, the kimchi state ceremony is held separately every year, which is reflected by main program for opening ceremony.

The performance of preparing and taste the kimchi by the kimchi arirang participants with the rhythms of a guerillas musical format and mingling with citizens through 'Kimchi Arirang'.

○ Also the activation of the kimchi culture, registered as a world UNESCO cultural heritage, Korea kimchi contest will be held. This contest is the main event of Gwangju global kimchi festival, which has produced recipients of presidential award every year since 1994, and allows participation of any Korean national desiring to be a kimchi master.

○ In addition, kimchi-applied cooking contest will be held by inviting 28 world-famous chefs from 12 countries including France, China, and Italy. The plan is that they hold a kimchi-applied cooking contest combining traditional dishes of their countries with kimchi, and conduct programs of learning know-hows of Gwangju kimchi in the homeland of kimchi from the masters of Gwangju kimchi to inform the world of the excellence of Gwangju kimchi and plan for the globalization of Gwangju kimchi.

○ The kimchi prepared during this Gwangju global kimchi festival and the ‘2016 kimchi preparation state ceremony for love sharing in the town of light’, will be at a lower cost than the market price by more than 30% and delivery service to every household nationwide is also available.

◯ The involved party of Gwangju city said “This year's Gwangju global kimchi festival is focused on expansion of the territory in industrial aspects rather than stopping at a simple experience or food event” and “We hope that the citizens may be able to prepare good-quality kimchi at a low cost through active participation.”
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