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Opening of the Autumn Flower Festival at Gwangju Lake Ecological Town

2016-09-22 관리자
Opening of the Autumn Flower Festival at Gwangju Lake Ecological Town

Opening of the Autumn Flower Festival at Gwangju Lake Ecological Town
with the classical melody of the full moonlight-lit Gwangju Municipal Orchestra

- Various activities including a concert by the Gwangju Moonlight Orchestra, mat lunchbox flowerpot making, etc.

- Gwangju city government planning to make a festival where culture and arts harmonize with the citizens (Park Forestation Office, 613-4210)

○ Gwangju Metropolitan City announced that the feast of the Autumn Flower Festival taking place at Gwangju Lake Ecological Town will be open from the upcoming October 14 until October 23, in the nearby area of the Gwangju Lake Lakeside Eco Park. During the festival, the silver grass and autumn chrysanthemums will create a sense of harmony, people will be able to indulge themselves in the classical melody under the full moonlight and see, listen, feel, and experience, and there will be food as well.

○ During the festival, a garden will be created with 30,000 locally-grown chrysanthemums, and various events will be held, such as the King Willow Music Festival organized by the local village communities, Namdo Nujung Festival, Festival of Chung-hyo-do-ye, and concerts by the Gwangju Symphony Orchestra. A local product and food market will be operated mainly by the Chunghyo-dong Women’s Society.

○ The exhibition of autumn flowers, with the theme of “Watermelon party with flowers!,” will display sheargrass, herbs, and chrysanthemums that go along with the image of the Eco Park divided into 6 zones, such as the symbolic garden which embodies the Mudeung Mountain watermelon as a rest area, Autumn Memory Garden, Community Garden, and Upcycle Garden.

Also, a Siberian Chrysanthemum garden, a cosmos garden and a buckwheat garden have been created to supplement the lakeside silver grass garden and so that people can enjoy the natural atmosphere of the autumn ecology.

○ An Autumn Memory Garden will be installed with attraction works that can bring back childhood memories and nostalgia. Flowers and other items will be used to represent the stories of childhood scenes, such as old style classrooms, after school play area, autumn letters, being disciplined in class, picking persimmons over a wall, and riding a wagon.

○ In the Upcycle Garden, a direction for a garden sustainable with seasonal cultivation and care will be shown by representing artworks made from recycling waste and creating a garden using eco-friendly materials and Korean flowers.

○ The major cultural and art programs will include a concert by the Gwangju Municipal Art Company, King Willow Music Festival, film screenings of ecological movies, and various other genres of cultural and art concerts.

○ During the Autumn Flower Festival, various concerts of complex genres will be displayed, such as a concert by the Gwangju National Play Company (October 14), the opening ceremony of the Namdo Nujung Festival (October 15), a concert by Gwangju Municipal Orchestra (October 15), the Mt. Mudeung Buncheong Pottery Festival (October 14-23), and the King Willow Music Festival (October 22).

Also, as a joint event with Garden Culture, there will be a free screening of an ecological movie by the King Willow Tree at 6 PM, October 16.

○ Especially, the city of Gwangju has decided to open a regular concert by the Gwangju Symphony Orchestra during the yearly Spring and Autumn Flower Festivals. This year, ‘The 1st Gwangju Lake Moonlight Orchestra’ regular concert will be held at 6:30 PM, October 15, at the observatory of the Lakeside Eco Park, under the atmosphere of the lake water and full moon.

○ Field experiences in the Eco Park will include mat lunchbox flowerpot making, geological structure making, and pottery making. Local products from Chunghyo village will be sold and a food market will open.

○ In the ‘creating my own geological structure’ event, children will be able to learn about the ecology of the Eco Park, and a form of video education for the global environment will be available, as well as a clay experience displaying a geological structure.

○ Mat lunchbox flowerpot making is where couples and families can create a garden in a lunchbox flowerpot that sits on a mat. It will take place from 3-4 PM, October 15-16, and 22-23. Materials will be provided for free of charge, and up to 30 teams can register on sight, by order of arrival. (Please bring your own mat / Green City Office 613-7892)

○ A Gwangju city official said, “We are planning to specialize the Gwangju Lake Eco Town Spring and Autumn flower festivals to set a platform as a high-quality tourist resource specialized by Gwangju of the Mt. Mudeung area Lakeside Eco Park. We ask for much interest and participation from citizens.”
Opening of the Autumn Flower Festival at Gwangju Lake Ecological Town
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