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Seek for ‘The 8th World’ of Imagination with Art

2016-08-29 관리자
Seek for ‘The 8th World’ of Imagination with Art0
Seek for ‘The 8th World’ of Imagination with Art
2016 Gwangju Biennale, 2nd of September ~ 6th of November

2016 Gwangju Biennale will be launched with 120 artists and teams from 36 countries under the subject (The Eighth Climate (What Does Art Do?)) from 2nd of September to 6th of November for 66 days. It will be widely held in the Asian Culture Complex, Uijae Museum of Korean Art, Mudeung Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Museum of Woo Jae Gil and 518 Democratization Movement Museum. The participation of regional art society is expended this year more than any other previous years. Therefore, Gwangju and whole areas of Jeonnam are expected to become sites of contemporary art event.

According to the event plan of Gwangju Biennale (CEO Park Yang-woo), the subject of 2016 Gwangju Biennale ‘the 8th Climate(八氣候帶)’ is conceived by Sohravardi, the 12th century Persian mystic and philosopher, and developed by Henri Corbin, the 20th century French philosopher. They explained the concept as a status which can be achieved by our imaginative abilities.
In other words, ‘the 8th Climate’ from the context of the 11th of Gwangju Biennale is expectation and research about art’s capabilities and roles for change of future and prediction of future.
2016 Gwangju Biennale will be operated at once as many projects like ‘Monthly Gathering’, ‘Infra-school’ and the 11th of Gwangju Biennale Forum for production of regional relation and contemporary art discussion, including exhibitions under the subject ‘the 8th Climate (What Does Art Do?)’. By that, it is expected to suggest a new paradigm to prospect role of art and production of same-age discussion more than just visual art sites.
2016 Gwangju Biennale will be operated by 120 artists from Asia (13 countries), Europe (17 countries), North America (3 countries), South America (2 countries) and Oceania (2 countries) including 9 Korean artists.
Maria Lind, the art director, stated that “As the concept of 8th climate which overcomes general understanding and cognition towards x-objects as general 7 climates in the earth, artists predict and diagnose change of society like seismometer predicts change of climates to bring art into the center of stage by gathering observation and imagination about future and potential about art.” and “Artists and art’s function and role will be emphasized in those context. Curator and artist will operate the event for 1 month in cooperative system.”
Meanwhile Gwangju Biennale focuses on promotion for successive event by preparing 2016 Gwangju Biennale exhibition. It was possible to bring cooperation of domestic major multiplexes such as CGV, Lotte Cinema and Megabox, so free advertisements have been operated from August in Gwangju and Seoul. The 30 second promotion video clip which contains the supportive speech by honorary ambassador Hyun Bin can be seen from cinemas. Kia Champions Field also played Gwangju Biennale promotion video clip and executed lucky-draw event to give free Gwangju Biennale entrance tickets to the audiences.
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