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The Hydrogen car-sharing service trial projects will be promoted in Gwangju

2016-08-29 관리자
The Hydrogen car-sharing service trial projects will be promoted in Gwangju
- On the 24th, the Minister of commerce and industry announced at ‘Hydrogen Fusion Alliance Opening Ceremony’
- Total 30 cars such as 15 electric cars and 15 hydrogen cars will be implemented at the end of this year

○ Gwangju-si has been renown by the government promotion of hydrogen car sharing trial project, so it achieved the power to become a hub-city of hydrogen car.

○ According to Gwangju-si, the Ministry of commerce and industry announced that the hydrogen car sharing trial project in Gwangju and the hydrogen taxi trial project in Ulsan will be promoted as government project at the ‘Hydrogen Fusion Alliance Opening Ceremony’ which is presided by the Minister of commerce and industry on 24th.

○ Hydrogen Fusion Alliance is found to prepare foundations and deductions of policy x-objects for full-fledged supply of hydrogen cars. The Government (Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Environment), the Local governments (Gwangju, Ulsan, Chungnam) and the private corporation will closely join to have a control tower function on the distribution of hydrogen car and hydrogen energy itself in the future.

○ Car sharing is a lending service that customers can use cars for shorter time than general lent cars. Car sharing service with hydrogen and electric car promoted by Gwangju-si is the first in the world. They are planning to have a trial with a total 30 cars given as 15 electric and 15 hydrogen.

○ At the meeting, Joo Hyung-hwan, the minister of commerce and industry entreated that “In the transit period towards new automobile industry, cooperation of government, local governments and private corporation is necessary to lead hydrogen car industry, by that it is possible to achieve leading foundation of future car through promotion of hydrogen industry based on Gwangju, Ulsan and Chungnam.

○ Last month, the president Park entreated to put more efforts on promotion of hydrogen car by being sad after visiting French company Air Liquide since Hyundai secured the mass production technology of hydrogen car first in the world. This car sharing project seems to be the follow-up actions from that.

○ Yoon Jang-hyun Gwangju mayor has been operating eco-friendly cars as official vehicles like Soul Electric cars for short distance and hydrogen cars for long distance. The president Park expressed interests on operation of eco-friendly cars as official cars at the luncheon meeting with mayors and governors on 17th and entreated to Gwangju mayor to lead the eco-friendly cars.

○ Meanwhile, Gwangju is promoting demonstration of hydrogen fusion station as the government’s hydrogen related regulation free-zone regional strategic project and focus on distribution of hydrogen cars and recharge infrastructure.

○ Currently, 13 hydrogen cars are operating and 26 more cars will be supplied in this year. Hydrogen recharge station and hydrogen/electricity fusion station at Jingok Sandan is operating as recharge infrastructure. Also, hydrogen CNG fusion station construction is on-going for a moment. Next year 3 more station will be constructed.

○ According to Gwangju-si, “Hydrogen car sharing trial project, new project model, will be fully supported to promoted as normal until the end of this year” and “Hopefully, this project will continue as spreads of eco-friendly cars. So that, Gwangju-si will be a leading city on the field.”
The Hydrogen car-sharing service trial projects will be promoted in Gwangju0
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