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‘The youth are heroes’ ... ‘World Youth Festival 2016’ to be held in Gwangju

2016-07-27 관리자
‘The youth are heroes’ ... ‘World Youth Festival 2016’ to be held in Gwangju
- Beginning on the 28th, the festival will be held over three days at the Asian Culture Complex and the May 18 Democracy Square
- Divided into 6 parts the programs include a youth merchant festival and a youth festival school
- The goal is to present youth with the opportunity to socialize, learn, and exercise cooperation

○ Youth Festival will be held at the Asian Culture Complex and the May 18 Democracy Square from the 28th to the 30th this month. Here, every single youth is a hero.

○ Gwangju metropolitan city announced the hosting of the ‘World Youth Festival 2016’ under the theme ‘the youth are heroes.’

○ ‘World Youth Festival 2016’ will be held for the second time this year. It was acknowledged as a youth culture content that represents Gwangju after the sensational hosting of ‘Universiade Gwangju 2015’ last summer.

○ Last year, we aimed to comfort the 'burned-out' youth with the slogan ‘let’s go to Gwangju this July, fine lads!‘ And this year we will search for hidden passion and talents of the youth and share with them the slogan ’let’s go to Gwangju this July, everyone is hero!‘

○ The differentiating point is that local youth working in various fields become the stars and participants in planning and running the festival.

○ World Youth Festival 2016 is divided into 6 parts and anyone can be a hero as he or she enters the festival; ▲If you are happy, you are a hero (show) ▲ If you are together, you are a hero (youth merchant festival, youth festival school) ▲ If you can feel the festival, you are a hero (night film festival at lawn plaza) ▲ If you dream, you are a hero (urban camping, national youth night, world youth night) ▲ If you learn, you are a hero (5 minutes of wisdom that can change the youth) ▲ You and me, we are all heroes (youth comedy show, world youth ‘running man’)

○ For the second consecutive year, the ‘Visiting Youth Bus’ of the youth committee that is under direct responsibility of the President will visit the festival and host a communication program to help the youth consult about their worries. Afterwards, Youth Moonlight달빛 Alliance, composed of the Gwangju and Daegu youth committee, will follow.

○ Especially this year, overseas Korean youth from 26 different countries including China, Japan, the United States, Russia, and Mexico will participate. And a ‘Bibimbap party’ will be held before the opening ceremony to gather dreams of the world youth and blend their hopes together.

○ Gwangju mayor Jang Hyun Yoon said “the youth who successfully led the world youth festival last year are scattered throughout the region such as in 1913 when there was the Songjeong Station Market and Daein Night Market which demonstrated their creativity. I believe that the local youth will unite their energy once again this year and show the power of Gwangju.”

○ Kim Seong Chan, the youth director of the World Youth Festival 2016, said “the youth of this generation all have a youthful heroic instinct in their hearts. I hope the youth can gain confidence through this festival where the youth are heroes.”

○ For more information, visit the World Youth Festival 2016 website(
‘The youth are heroes’ ... ‘World Youth Festival 2016’ to be held in Gwangju
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