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22 Young Writers Selectd to Participate in the Art City Bus in Gwangju City

2016-07-05 관리자
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22 Young Writers Selectd to Participate in the Art City Bus in Gwangju City
- Significant increase in buses beginning from July due to growing demands: from 7 to 30 buses
- Received the public survey responses such as “Helps to improve cultural city image,” and “It’s beautful”

Staring from the end of last year, Gwanju Metropolitan City has selected an additional 22 writers (artwork) to participate in the expansion of Art City Buses which have been gaining tremendous popularity among residents.

Last year, Gwangju City decided to introduce the “Art Bus” which travels the heart of the Gwangju City 365 days a year to facilitate easy and convenient access to artwork to Gwangju residents. This was determined after extensive discussions about selecting the theme that can represent the Bitgoeul Gwangju which is thought to be the cultural capital and the city where people can come to enjoy art and culture.

※Gwangju Art City Bus: Expanded to a total of 30 buses: added 22 buses to the existing 8 buses

Last March, Gwangju City traveled to places with high number of traffic including bus stops in the Art City Bus route and bus terminals and university campuses to survey 500 residents about the Art City Bus.

The survey results showed the majority (87%) displayed positive responses. 40.6% said that it will “help improve the image of the city of art and culture,” 40.2% claimed that it is “fun, exciting, and beautiful,” and 72% of the young residents in the 20’s also said that it was beautiful and interesting.

One of the Gwangju City staff claimed, “The survey results showed that most residents seem prefer colorful and exciting art work rather than art work with dark and abstract backgrounds. The art work of the 22 newly selected writers is very lively, bright, interesting, and beautiful. Therefore, these art works are expected to bring comfort by facilitating a place of rest to the residents who are living their repetitive and typical life styles.”

In order to avoid any type of inconvenience to the use of public city buses during the expansion process, Gwangju City is planning to introduce the new Art City Bus starting from early July through implementing wrapping work (work that involves attaching the film with drawn art work to the surface) periodically.
22 Young Writers Selectd to Participate in the Art City Bus in Gwangju City
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